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I am too excluded
Cast out amongst the dark
For your eyes to ever see
That I’m falling apart
I paint upon a canvas
With invisible ink
But I realize you’ll never know
What it is I truly think
And as the days go by
My calls fall on deaf ears
My reality has become
One of my biggest fears
Deeper into the darkness
I shy from your light
Just like the sun needs the moon
I will be your night
:iconjellybeanbullet:JellyBeanBullet 16 10
Words loquacious and warm drip from lips like honey
Swimming through drops of sky no need for money
A resplendent surrender of all your fears
Cheeks glazed with empyrean light instead of tears
Walking on silver linings with wings for shoes
The air alive with twisting golds and blues
Seraphic songs caress your mind
This world, so beatific it could make you blind
This is where you are, this is where I will go
But when I'll get there? I don't know
Wait for me.
:icontheallknowingdemon:TheAllKnowingDemon 3 3
I’m mad,
But not angry,
This madness in me,
Is merely a cover,
For insanity,
For crazy filled nonsense,
For weird midnight dreams,
To find logic reason,
Within unlogical means,
I’m crazy,
I’m psycho,
I’m not quite all here,
But my sweet madness,
Brings me no fear,
For if you dont get the battle,
Or understand the fight,
You’ll stay ignorantly blissful,
And still be alright,
Madness protects me,
From the world that’s so cruel,
A psychotic defense,
With me at the rule,
Controller of crazy,
Master of all,
With a mountain of weirdness,
More than ten feet tall,
So don’t mind that I’m crazy,
Don’t care that I’m mad,
For as long as I’m like this,
I could never be sad.
:iconlilactrinity:LilacTrinity 9 11
My Song
The music swirls all around,
till all I hear is the joyous sound,
twirling, spinning, moving me,
and the endless notes are all I see.
The beat becomes my hearts own.
I feel as though the light has shown,
and all the sadness fades away,
and I finally see a happier day.
My lips part, and I sing along
To such a redeeming, beautiful song.
These moments come and go too fast.
I enjoy them greatly as they last.
I laugh in glee.
I feel so free.
What magic is this,
this utter bliss?
Stay with me, my pretty song,
with you the days don't seem so long.
With you I am so filled with hope,
I know with you, somehow I'll cope.
Together we'll stay.
You'll scare the darkness away,
Yes, stay here my friend,
play your notes till my end,
and with your melody in my ears,
I'll go without any silly fears.
I'll meet my maker with you at my side,
then he'll hold me close, no need to hide.
Yes, my song, you'll get me there,
with your notes, and tune, so full of care.
You'll be my very dearest friend,
until my bea
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 33 21
What You Know
Sometimes the disinfectant hurts more than the infection,
Sometimes the pain is better than the protection.
Sometimes the tears sting more than the smile,
Sometimes the yard tires more than the mile.
Sometimes the blood shines brighter than the blade,
Sometimes the heart is blacker than the spade.
Sometimes the kiss is sharper than the slap,
Sometimes the lure is worth the trap.
Sometimes the night is lighter than the day,
Sometimes the beast is weaker than the prey.
Sometimes the cut hurts less than the sob,
Sometimes the break is harder than the job.
Sometimes the lie is prettier than the truth,
Sometimes the alibi is better than the proof.
Sometimes the hate is kinder than the love,
Sometimes the buzzard is holier than the dove.
Sometimes the loser gains more than the winner,
Sometimes the saint is worse than the sinner.
Sometimes the girl is stronger than the boy,
Sometimes the child is more broken than the toy.
Sometimes the poison is sweeter than the cure,
Sometimes the dirty are
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Victoria Hamilton
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I love animals, anime, mythology, animation, and fantasy. I also LOVE to read.


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